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For more than 30 years, Lazzari has proposed an avant-garde approach to dressing and a range of well-researched and alternative accessories, discovered and promoted emerging fashion designers, as well as those of the griffe.

With preparation, innovation in mind, accompanied by the desire to improve the service offered to his clients, the new Lazzari shop was opened in 2001. From the previous location in Calmaggiore Street, to the present location in “Le Canoniche Nuove”, the ‘new rectories’, is an advanced conceptual space: a gallery interacts with the concept store, the elements that characterize it and the works of talented artists, an atmosphere capable of proposing body care products and cosmetics, clothing and accessories, side by side.

The store was born with the hope of interlacing over thirty years of knowledge and experience in the fashion sector, coordinated to continually innovate the reality of classic retail experience. This offer, communication, space, and preparation are the results of a research on a global level.

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