Antonio Favale + Pasquale Fraccalvieri – Materia in Movimento (“Material in Motion”)

Material in Motion/Materia in Movimento: this exhibition compares the different expressive possibilities of materials in the wake of the personal research and interpretation of two artists: Antonio Favale and Pasquale Fraccalvieri.

Antonio Favale

Antonio Favale models clay, molds it and the shapes are then transformed into colored bronzes, equal in shape but different in feelings and reflections. Abandoned regattas, dancing bronzes, never completely disconnected from the pictorial dimension of Favale’s artistic career.

Born in Grottaglie (TA) in 1957, graduated in scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, Antonio Favale has lived and worked in Treviso since 1986. He has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions and competitions. He currently teaches Art and Image at the “A. Serena” of Treviso. Among the latest national exhibition venues, there are: Galleria il Punto – Florence, Castello Episcopio – Grottaglie, Ayala Castle – Carosino, Villa Freya – Asolo, Estense Castle – Ferrara, Benetton Studi Foundation and Research – Treviso, Hoepli Bookshop – Milan, Cà da Noal – Treviso, Spazio Battistella – San Donà di Piave, Villa Memo Giordani Valeri – Quinto di Treviso. Internationally: Turcianskey Galerie – Templice (SLO), Zilina (SLO), Gardenbau museum – Vienna, Nice Expo, People’s Square Museum of Modern Art – Shanghai, Kunstmesse – Salzburg, Galerie – Munich.

ANTONIO FAVALE sculptures for "Material in Motion" art exhibition - 2016


Pasquale Fraccalvieri

Pasquale Fraccalvieri shapes iron by mixing it with cement mortars expertly laid out and cared for. He thus creates impervious surfaces, intersected by threads that define colored portions of the material, his poetry.

Pasquale Fraccalvieri born in Altavilla Silentina (SA) in 1955. Lives and works as a Physical Education and Sports Science teacher in Treviso. Passionate about art since he was a child, he graduated from the Art School of Treviso. He began studying architecture at university but left in the third year to dedicate himself to another of his great passions: sport.

PASQUALE FRACCALVIERI - Paitings for "Material in Motion" Exhibition 2016


MATERIA IN MOVIMENTO/Material in Motion – Antonio Favale + Pasquale Fraccalvieri
02.03.2016 – 30.05.2016