Alchimia della materia (Alchemy of matter) – Cristina Bruniera + Enrico Marcato

The exhibition is an open dialogue between the works of Cristina Bruniera, in which sand is the protagonist material, symbol of the fusion of the four primordial elements (earth, water, fire, air), and the installations of Enrico Marcato, made with elements of recovery, such as briccole and cobblestones, which, decontextualized and combined in different ways, convey new conceptual messages.


CRISTINA BRUNIERA – Alchemy of matter

The artist is inspired by distant landscapes – Australia, New Zealand, Norway,… – where the original morphology of the territory has remained almost intact, preserving its shapes and colours. Bruniera chose sand as a material synthesis of the mutual contamination of the four basic elements of the Planet: water, earth, fire, air. Bruniera shapes the sand to let the strength and vitality of those distant, irregular, wild and pure landscapes emerge. The different types of sand express the imprint of the place as well as the artist’s deepest memories.

Cristina Bruniera Norvegia 2023

Cristina Bruniera lives and works in Treviso. From her graphic studies she developed her interest in art. Sand, in its different colors and textures, becomes the raw material of her works. Since 2002 Bruniera has participated in numerous events and collective exhibitions, especially in the Treviso area.

ENRICO MARCATO – Alchemy of matter

At the center of Marcato’s works is the recovery of waste urban materials (the Venetian briccole, the cobblestones recovered from St. Peter’s Square in Rome), decontextualized and therefore revitalized by the author’s artistic lifeblood. Marcato assembles them and colors them, making them artistic installations. The recovery of waste elements aims at the rebirth of those same elements. The artist’s intervention follows a conceptual reflection, as well as a creative process, which leads from decadence to the splendor of something that would otherwise have ended up in waste.

Alchimia della materia - Enrico Marcato 2024

Having graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Enrico Marcato began his artistic activity in 2011, when he had the intuition to transform waste briccole into works of art. He got noticed at the 2013 Recycling Biennial in Padua, where his creations were selected in the RicCAA Cantiere Arte Ambientale. His works arrive in public and private collections all over the world: Canada, USA, France, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia.

Alchimia della materia – Cristina Bruniera + Enrico Marcato
01.03.2024 – 31.05.2024