Natura e Artificio – Vinicio Momoli Enrico Stropparo

Vinicio Momoli

The artistic research of the contemporary sculptor Vinicio Momoli has always paid special attention to shapes, materials and colours. These are works often in colored rubber, with a strong visual impact, ready to dialogue with the public and the surrounding space. In addition to rubber, Momoli uses plexiglass, iron, mortar, marble,…: the Venetian artist has always been very attracted by volumes, by the texture of each material, by the tactile sensations that they could arouse. Momoli is considered a minimalist artist, balanced between sculpture and painting.

Enrico Stropparo

Stropparo, master ceramist, is considered an experimenter, an artist capable of producing not only everyday objects but also art ceramics and contemporary ceramic sculptures. Ceramic objects become forms of art when their utility is not limited to their intended use but embraces other human dimensions, such as social, philosophical, etc. Stroppare, a bit like Momoli, also intends his works to be in open dialogue with the context, integrating them and making them accomplices of the same harmony.



Vinicio Momoli Enrico Stropparo – Natura & Artificio – opening: June 21st 2013, 6 P.M.

Curated by: Francesco Stefanini

Paintings: Vinicio Momoli

Sculptures: Enrico Stropparo

Natura & Artificio – inaugurazione: Venerdì 21 Giugno, ore 18

A cura di: Francesco Stefanini

Dipinti: Vinicio Momoli

Scultures: Enrico Stropparo