The concept store Spazio Lazzari in Treviso (Italy) periodically hosts temporary exhibitions of art, sculpture, photography and more. It supports emerging artists who wish to promote their talent in Italy in a conceptual special space like Spazio Lazzari, an avant-garde concept store where art meets fashion: here they interact and communicate with each other and with us. Often in the same period the works of two artists of different disciplines are hosted – a photographer and a sculptor, for example – so that the meeting and the dialogue between the arts, fashion and spectator is as transversal and stimulating as possible. The works of the artists are placed in the inner courtyard of Spazio Lazzari and in the long gallery that leads to the entrance of the fashion store. At the inauguration of each art exhibition there are always the artists involved. All the arts exhibitions at Spazio Lazzari are free entry.

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