Entropy: Gino Blanc + Silvia De Giudici on show in Treviso

In quantum mechanics, entropy is the quantity used to measure the degree of disorder of a system, including the Universe. The higher the level of disorder, the higher the entropy. Entropy makes it possible to measure whether a system can reach a certain state, a certain dimension of its existence, transforming itself spontaneously. Twentieth-century aesthetics stood out for the conflicting relationship between order and disorder, for the shattering of forms, a mirror of the individual crises and human tragedies that shaped the history of the short century. The idea of ​​beauty has taken on new nuances and new meanings. Scientific concepts such as the laws of thermodynamics are applied to artistic languages, such as that of entropy. Art can thus be considered a system in which energy moves towards a static equilibrium.

Gino Blanc and entropy

The work of the contemporary artist Gino Blanc is an example of this: his cultured, ironic, free, charged paintings of material colors, are a strong and convinced combination of precision and confusion, brought to dialogue with each other to find a point of artistic and interpretative balance.I semi si sputano in acqua_Gino Blanc

Entropia (entropy) for Silvia De Giudici

Silvia De Giudici’s painting is instead only apparently chaotic. Her intense, vibrant and irregular small portraits are softened by the delicate emotional sensibility of the artist, which emerges in each of his works.

Silvia De Giudici-Works-Entropy Exhibition


An entropic sculpture

The four-handed sculpture created by the two artists specifically for this exhibition is a composition of different objects that challenges every point of equilibrium but which in the end finds its own.

Entropic sculpture by Gino Blanc and Silvia De Giudici

The exhibition will remain open free of charge at the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso from June 1st to August 31st 2022.

ENTROPIA – Gino Blanc + Silvia De Giudici
01.06.2022 – 31.08.2022
Spazio Lazzari – Treviso, Italy