METAMORFOSI – Alessandro Murer + Francesco Stefan

The exhibition “Metamorfosi” (“Metamorphosis”) exhibits and connects the works of two Venetian artists: the painter Alessandro Murer and the sculptor Francesco Stefan.

Murer reworks images of nature, of everyday life, of the real world in a geometric and essential key. He summarizes their essence in squared and angular shapes, after numerous studies and preparatory drawings. The final result on the canvas takes the form of a fragmented and decomposed space, with overlapping, almost sharp edges. Full and empty spaces alternate to the point that the two-dimensionality of the work is transformed, by optical effect, into a three-dimensionality.

Abstract works by Alessandro Murer - Spazio Lazzari Treviso

Stefan blends the plastic tradition of Treviso sculpture with ideas and suggestions coming from the world of contemporary art. His figures are often sketchy but still distinguishable. In his most recent works Francesco Stefan achieves a high level of formal synthesis. The movements of the bodies are recomposed and harmonized in a particular plastic unity. Some details of his sculptures recall the everyday life of the context: hair, heads, accessories. One of the most characteristic aspects of Stefan’s works consists in their soaring upwards, tense in movements, flexions, twists that express their dramatic theatricality.

Francesco Stefan sculptures at Spazio Lazzari Treviso


Metamorfosi Exhibition – Spazio Lazzari, Treviso

Born in 1950 in Treviso, Alessandro Murer created his first major work entitled “La Vita” (180×120 cm) in 1967. Guided by Maestro M.N. Liberali, he perfects his chromatic sensitivity and the combination of colors. From figurative paintings he moved on to abstract ones, conquered by the creative freedom of this art form. In more recent years he has also dedicated himself to sculpture. A long-time member of the Treviso Artists Association founded by the artist Ciro Zanetti, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions and set up personal exhibitions in Treviso and in other Italian cities. Lately he has taken part in artistic events organized by Tant’Arte by Maestro Luciano Longo and by the Quinta Dimensione Association.


Metamorfosi Exhibition – Spazio Lazzari, Treviso

Born in San Dona’ di Piave (VE) in 1951, Francesco Stefan began his career as a sculptor at his brother Sidelio’s artistic foundry. Here he creates many bronze works designed by international artists: Baschierato, Blatas (monument of the Venetian Ghetto), Kirs, A. Lucarda, A. Murer (Monument to the Cara¬biniere), Romanelli, Fanna Roncaroni, Sartori, Vio and prof. Rollo (bronze doors of the church of Santa Fara in Bari). He began to exhibit his works in the early 1980s. in 1983 he opened his studio-foundry in Zenson di Piave, where he produced both his own works and those of other artists on commission. He teaches at the ModArt Cultural Club, in the Linea d’Arte group of Oderzo and at the Vittorio Marusso Academy of San Dona’ di Piave.

01.06.2023 – 31.08.2023