Exhibition Treviso: a double exhibition in Treviso until 28 February 2019

Spazio Lazzari hosts the double exhibition Treviso “Dimensioni Essenziali – Opere di Michele De Conti e Stefano Reolon” (“Essential Dimensions – Works by Michele De Conti and Stefano Reolon“) curated by Carlos Gabriel Coccia. The works and installations of these two Venetian artists intend a conception of art as an exercise of observation and analysis of one’s own interiority and of that path of intimate and solitary research that each artist does.

Michele De Conti’s sculptures create around you a natural and fantastic context, stimulating curiosity. Their organic but essential forms evoke spiraling, sinusoidal movements, provoking wonder, enchantment, astonishment at every glance. His “Bosco dell’Arte” (“Forest of Art”) is in fact composed of stratiform wooden sculptures in which love for nature and love for art, artistic dimension of nature and naturalistic dimension of art merge.

Essential Dimensions Exhibition at Lazzari Store - Treviso

De Conti is an experimental sculptor. Each of his new works is generally done with different materials from his previous works. Marble, ash wood, walnut wood, acacia trunks, industrial waste of fir and poplar, iron and metal nets, resins, gypsum, acrylic: it is the material itself that inspires De Conti to give life to his works . The Bosco dell’Arte installation is populated with dens and nests of enormous imaginary animals, whose perception varies with the seasons in which the installation is set up. The movements of nature influence the communicative power of these sculptures, both individually observed and in their chorus of Bosco dell’Arte.

Stefano Reolon’s works harmonize various techniques, different languages and multiple artistic disciplines: drawing, painting, photography, digital processing. His stage / formative work as a scenographer is clearly reflected in the scenic theatricality of his works. Scenic space is where everything happens, where action is staged. In Reolon’s creations, the scene can be the protagonist of the work or be the background to some photographs. Essential Dimensions Exhibition at Lazzari Store in Treviso - Italy

The space for Reolon is important not only as a scenic area but also because of its size. His works are indeed rather large, vertical, three-dimensional, the result of the overlapping of long strips of paper previously drawn. The subjects loved by Reolon are architectural and sacred: churches and cathedrals (hence the verticality of his works), full of baroque details and often of human figures. Reolon’s works are complex: three-dimensional, very detailed, almost like the medieval, dynamic, miniated codes. Everything that is represented to you is interconnected. The result is an extraordinary, emotionally impressive power.

Essential Dimensions Exhibition at Lazzari Store Treviso


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