From 7 March to 31 May 2018 Spazio Lazzari hosts two exhibitions: Naufragio (“Shipwreck”), a solo exhibition by the sculptor Marco Fintina, and In Limite Urbis by the photographer Michele Salucci.

Fallen myths, travel without return, classic ideals that crumble in contact with contemporary reality, the end of everything: here are some of the inspiring motifs of Marco Fintina’s sculptures.

Curated by Carlos G. Coccia, the exhibition at Spazio Lazzari reveals how in an era of daily shipwrecks in our seas, near and far, men become less human. They turn into animals, into monsters out of their cages. It is an entire civilization to shipwreck, to sink without life preserver.

Naufragio - Marco Fintina - Spazio Lazzari

And the art? How can the drama of the castaways of our time represent? And that of those who sink into themselves dehumanizing day by day? Even something of art – its myth and myths – seems to wreck. An art that writhes and tangles. An art that turns its gaze away, staring at an infinity. But perhaps it’s no longer so.

Marco Fintina was born in Treviso in 1973. A diploma at the art high school in Venice and then a degree in Philosophy form his artistic soul. He specializes in the craftsmanship of ceramics and clay. Surce of inspiration: Greek classicism, not so much as a formal or spiritual model. Among its most important exhibitions and participations we mention: Nebbia. Il parco dei supereroi, Magazzini del Sale, Venice (1995); Antipasti. Giovani artisti, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice (2001); Artissima, Turin (2000); Una Lista Veneta per l’Arte, Vicenza (2001).

In Limite Urbis
Photographing the space to map it. To grasp its features, surfaces, modular, stratified and repetitive forms. The architectural reproducibility of urban spaces, including its limits. These boundaries make them almost extraneous to us.  Our suburbs, hospitals, industrial areas, school buildings, contemporary churches. Our houses.

The photographer Michele Salucci works on the verticality of the planes. At first glance two-dimensional, he gives us back the square geometries of an urban reality with a universal value. Perpendicular or oblique lines and surfaces frame our lives. They are our everyday background. Urban spaces with clear, secure, essential limits.In Limite Urbis - Michele Salucci - Spazio LazzariOur gaze overcomes these cement borders to cross other similar ones. They’re always regular, always immovable, always indifferent. A straight look at the cities in which we live, that of Salucci. He makes us discover them from new points of view and rediscovered awareness.

 In Limite Urbis by Michele Salucci can be visited at the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso until 31 May 2018.

Michele Salucci was born in Cesena in 1974. He has been living in Treviso for 12 years. Co-founder of the ImmaginAria photographic studio, he has been collaborated for many years with many media agencies as an advertising photographer, with the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Villa Ghirlanda in Milan and Il Sole 24 Ore.