Silvia Corso is an independent artist, born in the province of Padua, in the 1970s. She studied as a fashion designer and graduated as a fashion technician. Her true great passion, however, is painting, which she never abandons. Among her iconic subjects exhibited in this exhibition: t-shirts, dragons and nude figures.


The “T-Show” installation by Silvia Corso is made up of silhouettes of colorful t-shirts that “dress” a wall, a room, a place. The message that the artist conveys to us is that, in reality, we are worn by clothes, not the other way around. What we feel rarely coincides with what we are able to express… The “T Show” installation is a tribute to Italo Lazzari. The originality and atmosphere that can be felt when crossing the threshold of this “shop non shop”, the gallery of the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso, is the same one that we want to propose again with “T Show”. The coloured cardboard t-shirts by Silvia Corso have got a single recurring subject, much loved by the artist, suspended to fill the space above the heads of visitors.



The “Silent” series collects 15 paintings on cardboard canvases representing pregnant women in their naked, fragile and powerful motherhood. The title “Silent” comes from a phrase, “if it didn’t arrive it shouldn’t have arrived”, too often repeated by women who have enjoyed the joy of motherhood. Please: SILENT!

Silent - pregnant women - Silvia Corso



The “Warriors” series exhibited at the Spazio Lazzari represents a wall of female figures, standing next to each other, bald, naked and recognizable as women only by their breasts.

Warriors - women - Silvia Corso



The Dragons, painted installations, represent for the artist the concept of choice: the choice to be free, to be strong, to be invincible, to be invulnerable to the judgment of others.

Dragons - Silvia Corso art works


Spazio Lazzari, Treviso