The concept of “Identity in process” concerns a dialogue between the artworks of Alice Mestriner and those of Ahad Moslemi. The atmosphere perceivable from their works has got somethig complex to decipher. It recalls, in some way, the Joycean stream of consciousness. The subjects represented by both artists are not shy, they do not hide behind painting. Indeed, they are independent and physically fit characters. They have solid, powerful bodies, masters of their own image. These figures want us to interact with them, control us as we do with them. Our identities are compared with theirs and are redefined based on the encounter with these figures. Mestriner and Moslemi have collaborated since 2016 in the creation of installations, performances and conceptual art.


Born in Treviso in 1994, Alice Mestriner specialized in sculpture at the Art School. At the same time she is interested in philosophy, a discipline that is still part of her life and works today. After graduating, she attended the Multimedia Arts course at the IUAV in Venice. Her first photographic exhibition “The state of things” was in 2008. In 2012 she won an exhibition competition at Grand Central in Santa Ana, California. In 2013 she took an artistic research trip to the USA, moving between Boston, Yale, New York, New Haven and New Hampshire. In 2015 she went to study for 6 months in Turichia at Haccettepe University. In 2016 she went to Canada doing an internship and working at some galleries: Galleria R3, Galerie d’art du Parc, Center Culturel Pauline Julien, La Maison de la Culture. Collaborates at the Trois-Rivières Sculpture Biennial. Also in 2016 she collaborated on the 15th International Architecture Exhibition for the Venice Biennale. In 2017 she was mentioned among the 25 honorary photographers of the MONOCHROME Awards. In May 2017 she participated in the performance ”Body and Soul” by the artist Orlan at the 57th Venice Biennale.

Alice Mestriner - Identity in Process Exhibition 2017 - Spazio Lazzari -Treviso


Ahad Moslemi was born in 1983 in Téhéran, Iran. He experienced the war since he was a child. The consequences of war in the lives of children and on their growth, identity and personality  influenced profoundly his art. In his works he erases part of the faces of the characters he represents, that is, their identity, because their difficult and painful experience continues to change their interiority. In 1998 he began to approach the world of art by attending the Téhéran School of Fine Arts. Moslemi has chosen painting as a form of expression that reflects his personality better than others and into which he manages to channel all his talent. Moslemi soon proved himself to be an independent artist working at his own art gallery in the heart of the Iranian capital. His artistic research has two points of reference: expressionism and figurative art. In the summer of 2011 he emigrated to Canada where he returned to study art, also approaching screen printing, engraving and photography. He recently participated in numerous exhibitions and conferences in Monteal, Quebec, Mexico, Venice and then around Portugal. In the spring of 2016 he won the “Prix du doyen” award at the 23rd Concours d’Affiches Scientifiques on the topic of the consequences of war on children. In the summer of that same year he participated in a conference on conflicts at the 56th Venice Biennale. In 2017 he participated in the Trois-Rivières Print Biennial in Quebec, Canada.

Ahad Moslemi - Identity in Process Exhibition, 2017, Treviso - Spazio Lazzari


Alice Mestriner & Ahad Moslemi
03.06.2017 – 03.09.2017