Simone Andreoli’s Perfumes: when a travel diary becomes an olfactory diary

Born in 1990, originally from Carpi, Simone Andreoli is one of the leading names in the high-quality Made in Italy perfumery. Since he was a child he has shown a particular interest in odors and frequent trips abroad, especially in the Middle East, have been crucial to learn about new perfumes, often unusual or unknown in the West, and gradually train his olfactory taste and his stylistic number.

Diario olfattivo simone andreoli's perfumes

Simone Andreoli’s artistic-entrepreneurial project is called Olfactory Diary: a metaphor with which it expresses the sense/the senses of the journey using essences and fragrances instead of pen and notebook. Upon returning from a trip we take souvenirs and photographs to our suitcase, but also stories, emotions, feelings, moods, the foundations of our memories. The scents and smells of that experience will probably never forget them and will be the key to re-evoking it.

Every journey is always an encounter with the other, with different habits, ways of thinking and acting, with cultures that are very far from ours. Every journey is a challenge to overcome in our physical and mental boundaries. But it is from these challenges and from these meetings that we learn to know ourselves better, to understand who we are and who we were.

Simone Andreoli’s perfumes are means of communication of one’s individuality, forms of self-expression, perceptible extensions of one’s own soul. Conformism and predictability are not received, completely foreign to the olfactory diary by Simone Andreoli. The original combinations of precious raw materials are preferred by the perfumer from Emilia: incense from Oman, incense from Somalia, absinthe, leather, styrax, cashmere, Bulgarian rose, guaiac wood…

Simone Andreoli's Perfumes

At the moment there are three collections of fragrances proposed by Simone Andreoli: Synaesthesia of smells, in which each perfume is inspired by travel destinations; Writings in the dark, or nocturnal olfactory tales; Remote pages, where distant memories re-emerge through perfumes.

Deep Island is part of the Synaesthesia of smells collection. Simone Andreoli dedicated it to his trip to Japan, the place that most impressed and fascinated him. In particular, Simone Andreoli’s Deep Island is inspired by the sacred island of Miyashima, site of Itsukushima Shinto shrine. A place where time seems to have stopped, all is peace, balance and silence. A place that in the eyes of a Westerner may seem even supernatural. The olfactory notes of Deep Island open with fresh hints of minerals that gradually thicken into softer and fuller elements: myrrh, musk, incense and vanilla.

Simone Andreoli's Perfumes Deep Island | Simone Andreoli's Perfumes

Camouflage by Simone Andreoli belongs to the Writings in the dark collection. The origin of Camouflage is the nights of Dubai and the black pigmentation of the fragrance due to a mix of vegetal elements, essences and molecules with a very dark color, evokes the olfactory intensity of the perfume but also the poetry of those Middle Eastern nights.

The last olfactory alchemy of Simone Andreoli is called Smoke of God, a nocturnal journey in the Arab and African deserts, an introspective journey in search of oneself and one’s own point of equilibrium. The fragrance has a strong balsamic boost given by the incenses of Oman and Somalia, refreshed by the notes of wormwood and softened by the essence of Sandalwood from the West Indies.

Who are Simone Andreoli’s perfumes for? For those who want to feel unique, for those who want to experiment. Simone Andreoli’s Olfactory Diary is nothing but a passionate and passionate journey towards a single, unique destination, perhaps the only one we will never stop discovering and knowing: ourselves.