Fruity artistic aromas with Sardinian fig, Noto almond, Sorrento lemon.

Simone Andreoli‘s Italian Heritage: a new collection of fruity perfumes inspired by three Made in Italy excellences.

Simone Andreoli, Italian perfumer creator of artistic perfumes

The Emilian perfumer Simone Andreoli wanted to dedicate this new chapter of his “Diario Olfattivo” (Olfactory Diary) to Italy, to  its beauty and its treasures loved all over the world.

Simone Andreoli new perfumes: Sardinian black fig, Noto almond, Sorrento zest

Simone Andreoli’s Italian Heritage: three intense eau de parfums. The black fig of Sardinia (Fico di Sadegna) is a sweet and creamy perfume. The Almond of Noto parfum (Mandorla di Noto) is a sweet perfume like the typical Sicilian sweets. Zest di Sorrento is a hymn to the famous Sorrento lemon, a perfume with citrus, green and a hint of Limoncello olfactory notes.