Uncapping a bottle of perfume and feeling like you’re drifting into the East, or in a forest in Northern Europe. Or just feeling like you’re wandering through your garden on a sunny afternoon in spring. These are the sensations and scents that any eau de toilette Diptyque and Diptyque perfumes can inspire, thanks to their natural raw materials and love for aromas from all over the world. Let’s discover the secrets behind them.
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Spices and countries far away: the world behind the eau de toilette Diptyque
The three names behind this company are Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant. From France, of course. But they were working in England when this story began. Here they designed textiles and wallpapers for the interior design giants Liberty and Sanderson. But at some point they noticed that France hadn’t met two English things, yet: fabrics and perfumes. So they decided to return to Paris and open their own shop. It seems folly to sell English perfumes in the homeland of the eau de toilette! Actually, these weren’t merely English products: they were unique creations, resulting from the journeys of the three friends and characterised by choice natural raw materials. One of the Diptyque perfumes which maybe best represent their love for countries far away is the eau de toilette Opone Diptyque.
Diptyque Perfumes Diptyque Opone

The name itself is a meaningful journey: Opone (now Hafun) was an ancient city in Somalia, trading with the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Persians and Ancient India. Countless kinds of products passed through its harbour, but most of all spices. Like the ones that give this perfume its unique fragrance: saffron, cumin and guaiac wood. But its real protagonist is the Turkish rose. And this takes us to another country, Turkey, and to the city of Isparta, where this flower is grown.

So, with a single perfume we’ve travelled through most of the East. And this is true of all the company’s other perfumes, too. Some of them draw their inspiration from forests in the Far East, just like Tam Dao, created by one of Diptyque’s founders, Yves Coueslant. This eau de toilette contained his own memories of the woods in Tonkin, a region in Vietnam, where he had lived as a child. Others simply make you think of the scents of a flower garden.
Diptyque Perfumes Diptyque Tam Dao

The features of the Diptyque perfumes
Diptyque therefore produces absolutely elegant perfumes, with a both classic and vintage touch, and showing these common traits:

  • they’re suitable for both men and women: you won’t find a distinction between essences for him and for her, because the secret of this company lies in the ability to make them mild enough;
  • flowers, fruit, spices and woody notes are combined by expert “noses” who come from all over the world and boost a different component in every perfume. Besides, all of these materials are natural;
  • the candles are handmade: the first scents created by the French company were those for the home. And they apply the same attention both to selecting their constituents and to the appearance, since they pour wax manually into the vases.

If you’re looking for a unique perfume, evoking exotic places or gardens in bloom in your mind, but with the right balance and simplicity, then the candles and eau de toilette Diptyque are the perfect choice. Enjoy some of the best Diptyque perfumes here.