Behind the Trippen shoes hides a world of accurate materials, environmental awareness and love of colours. There’s the ability of German and Italian designers and craftspeople. But most of all, there are comfort, durability and the original style of shoes meant to be used for a long time. And whose collections don’t go out of fashion after a season.

Respect for human work and nature: how Trippen was born
Trippen was born in Germany, from an idea by Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler, who began by producing open shoes with wooden soles in the Nineties. But they soon started dreaming about the production of closed shoes, and they absolutely wanted it to be a craft production. The only problem? In Berlin, where they worked, the necessary machines didn’t exist. Where could they find them?Trippen shoes

In a region where the craft production of shoes has ancient roots: Northern Italy. Here the two young designers found some families who still owned traditional machines. And convincing them to start making shoes for two almost unknown designers wasn’t that difficult, after all.
The company has grown since then, but has always remained faithful to its values:

  • respecting human dignity at work and helping redevelop the outskirts of cities: indeed, their whole production takes place in small factories in Northern Italy and in Zehdenick, 80 km north of Berlin, an area previously lacking in infrastructures;
  • caring for the environment, both while choosing materials (leather, wood and rubber), and while manufacturing the products. An example? They sew, rather than glue, most of their soles to the uppers, so they reduce the quantity of necessary adhesives (which are difficult to dispose of).

The uniqueness of the shoes by Trippen is not determined only by these values, though. Their design and technical properties play a crucial role, too.

Trippen footwear: handmade, functional, refined and interchangeable
The footwear by Trippen has lines for both men and women. Trippen shoes style reflects the company’s values: respecting the environment means avoiding wastes, too. That’s why they came up with a very original idea: keeping the forms on which they model the shoes unchanged. And making the soles in such a way that they can be combined with different uppers.
This unique feature marries with other peculiar elements:

  • the design and colours are constantly renewed: their outline, decorations and shades change in every collection, but they always avoid passing trends. Take the Trippen Tramp boots, for example: their toe-box and height will never be out of style, but its side leather strings and wide eyelets give them a touch of rock personality. The company’s designers have indeed adopted an unmistakable style, with some futuristic and some period (Victorian, for example) elements, as their hobby horse;
    Trippen tramp boots
  • Trippen shoes are meant to resist: quality is the watchword, and the use of fine materials ensures that this footwear lasts through time. And soles, as well: be they made of rubber or of wood, they’re sewn to the uppers, so they won’t suddenly come unstuck;
  • all of the models are designed to make feet feel comfortable: from the lowest soles, as for example in the Trippen Kinky shoes, to high ones, as in the Tough sandals, you can walk and stand for hours and your legs won’t grow heavy. It doesn’t matter how fancy their shape is: comfort is a cornerstone.
    Trippen Kinky shoes

The ideal solution for women looking for shoes with a unique design, but which last through time and are absolutely comfortable and with a style which distinguishes them from any other footwear.