When a pair of glasses can make the most of its wearer’s personality, as well as correcting one’s vision and protecting the eyes from sunlight, then it becomes a mask. And that’s exactly the idea behind the Kuboraum glasses and Kuboraum sunglasses, which are therefore different from one another and perfect down to the smallest detail. All credit to the meeting between Italian craftsmanship and the inspiration Berlin provides.
Kuboraum glasses/sunglasses art fashion exhibit at Lazzari

The unique jewel-sunglasses Kuboraum
The project’s masterminds are Italian – Sergio Eusebi and Livio Graziottin – but, as the company’s name reveals, its headquarters are in Germany, in Berlin, whereas the production takes place entirely in Italy.

The result? A wonderful blend of love for avant-garde design connected to tradition, on the one hand, and of the deep know-how of craft techniques, on the other. According to their designers, these glasses have the power to make your character stand out and to let you feel at ease. That’s what the company’s name hints at: Kuboraum, in German, means “cubic room”, a place where you can feel sheltered and rediscover the real you. How can they instil such a strong personality in these accessories? By means of:

  • innovative materials, as for example the hand-beaten bronze of the Kuboraum Z1 sunglasses, developed following the latest technologies, whereas their temples are made of acetate and handcrafted;
  • classical shapes revisited through extremely thick frames, almost exaggerated;
  • precious decorations: some glasses have golden trimmings, others are painted or embroidered by hand;
  • the influence of architecture, reflecting in their geometrical, faceted and often massive lines
    Kuboraum glasses Z1

The inspiration behind sunglasses such as Kuboraum Mask K3 and Kuboraum C2
As far as the Kuboraum sunglasses are concerned, there are two other features worth mentioning: a pioneering burning technique and their wide lenses.
You can see what the outcome is in Kuboraum Mask Z3 and Kuboraum C2, belonging to two different collections:

  • Kuboraum Mask C2 is one of the items in the K 0.01 collection by Kuboraum glasses, revisiting the personalities of stars and big names from the past, i.e. engineers and mathematicians, as well as actors. An authentic mask, then, revealing its character through its handmade details;
  • Kuboraum Mask Z3, on the other hand, belongs to the K 0.02 collection by Kuboraum glasses, inspired by the masks of Mayans and Samurais and to their powers, but with details which make the collection futuristic. Livio Graziottin, the group’s artist, designer and sculptor, carves the frames himself. The Mask Z3 is available both with rounded and with rectangular lenses.
    Kuboraum glasses maske Z3

The two frames, however, are both handmade using the same material: acetate, an everlasting material whose plates are heated up and assembled to shape the frames.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses manufactured from this material therefore means opting for a high-quality and hard-wearing accessory. And if it’s made by Kuboraum glasses, you can count on a creative design that’ll make you stand out.
Kuboraum glasses art installation at Lazzari Treviso