Parajumpers: don’t fear the challenges of nature (or of the city)
Arm yourselves with thirst for adventure, because we’re about to take you into the wild and untouched nature of America. And into the dream that gave birth to some sports jackets with a unique style. Let’s talk about Parajumpers jackets!

Parajumpers down jacket Kochi - Parajumpers jackets
The adventure behind the sports and leisure jackets Parajumpers
Up in the North of the American continent, at the foot of mountains reaching over 3,000 meters, there’s the largest city in Alaska, Anchorage. Around 10 years ago, Massimo Rossetti found himself in one of the bars of this city. Here he ran into a crucial someone: a Para Jumper.

No, it’s not a strange knitwear: it’s the name of a division of the US Air Force, specialised in rescue and recovery missions under extreme conditions.

One of them had stopped in the same bar in Anchorage where Massimo Rossetti ended up. Wearing his jacket. The Italian designer was struck by a detail of this very garment: a pocket designed to carry the helmet. Not much of a detail, you may be thinking. On the contrary, this is what made the difference when, in 2006, Ape & Partners asked Mr Rossetti to collaborate in the creation of a new line of sports and leisure jackets.

And this is how the Parajumpers jackets came into being.

Parajumpers Massimo Rossetti designer - Parajumpers jackets designer
From America to Italy: how design meets functionality
The company from Treviso and its new designer wanted to offer something unique, and Massimo Rossetti had seen it in that very detail of the Para Jumper’s jacket: the chance to create a functional garment, resistant to wind, waterproof and, at the same time, beautiful.

They aimed for a jacket which could let anyone wearing it feel safe from snow, wind and rain. But it had to mirror their personality, too: casual or elegant? Sporty or professional? These jackets had to embody both souls.

In a nutshell, a garment which could withstand cold and precipitations, even if intense, but not at the expense of style. That is perfect for a life in the city, not only for those who love mountain sports. Take for instance the Parajumpers Marcus jacket: it’s made of waterproof and resistant materials, suiting anyone who goes hiking in nature. But its modern cut makes it an ideal clothing item for the city’s winter season, too.

Parajumpers Marcus down jacket - Parajumpers jackets
That’s why none of their jackets comes without:

  • modern lines and design: thanks to the collaboration with designers such as Yoshinori Ono, who created the Kegen collection, the Parajumpers jackets are a perfect blend of lightness, waterproofness and urban style;
  • the use of precious materials, such as raccoon and coyote furs to hem their hoods, and sheepskin on leather jackets;
    Parajumpers Janies sheep shearling jacket - Parajumpers jackets
  • nylon: a resistant material protecting them from dirt and rain, as for example in the Kochi jacket, which can add a smart touch even to the rainiest day.
    Parajumpers Kochi light down jacket in ink blue color - Parajumpers jackets

City and nature are waiting just for you, in all of their splendour: let them amaze you. The Parajumpers will be there to protect you from rain and cold. With style.