The plucky soul of the street style Made in Italy: Golden Goose sneakers and clothes

Are you looking for a casual style, but you don’t want to go unnoticed? And maybe you like the retro style, especially if inspired by the Eighties? If you’re after high-quality and long-lasting materials, then, there’s no doubt: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is what you’re looking for, because it has created the ultimate Made in Italy street style. For example thanks to the Golden Goose sneakers.
Golden Goose sneakers: from shoes to leather jackets Made in Italy

The retro soul of street style joins Venice’s dressmaking traditions
Francesca and Alessandro Gallo are designers, but they were far from being fashion authorities. They knew what they loved, though, and what they didn’t like: they were keen on Italian dressmaking traditions and durable materials, but they weren’t interested in temporary trends: they didn’t want to create clothing items dependant on a single season: their goal was to create shoes with an easily identifiable style, which could thus match different outfits.

The result? Their most important product: the sneakers, with their unmistakable star embroidered on the outer side, which turned them into an accessory fit for both urban-style and sporty clothes. And they can match even elegant suits.

But how could they create such versatile Golden Goose sneakers and shoes – and later jackets, t-shirts, trousers, jumpers and accessories, for both men and women? This is thanks to:

  • the collaboration with a Venetian tailor, who taught them how to look for both hard-wearing and elegant materials;
  • a good eye for handmade details: the star and flag representing this brand return on every clothing item, but always under a different light. Let’s look more closely at this aspect: on the Equipage bags, the zip puller is handmade by a Venetian goldsmith; the stars of all Golden Goose sneakers, just like the Golden Goose 2.12, are hand-embroidered and usually made of leather;
    Golden Goose sneakers: from sneakers to leather jackets Made in Italy
  • the attention to their customers’ tastes: the brand is meant for young people who like to catch the eye with bright colours and choose a daring style. But they are popular among men and women who want to join fashion and functionality in their everyday life, as well. That’s why the selection of Golden Goose bags, for example, consists of both rucksacks made of technical textiles – but with suede features – and calfskin bags treated by hand and following craft techniques;
    Golden Goose sneakers: from sneakers to leather jackets Made in Italy
  • the inspiration drawn from the street style: from ankle boots to leather jackets, the lines characterising this brand are bold and doughty. They add a bit of rock spirit even to the plainest office wear. And they manage to do so partly thanks to the vintage aura emanating from all garments: they create it using appropriate waxes – on shoes -, or craft treatments – as for example on the Golden Goose Biker jacket (more details in our previous shooting). The roots of their inspiration lie in the streetwear of the Seventies and Eighties, but they don’t produce mere copies of it: thanks to their elegant lines, the clothes and accessories by Golden Goose are perfectly modern.
    Golden Goose sneakers: from shoes to leather jackets Made in Italy

There you go: some clothing items showing a Made-in-Italy quality in their design and craft production, as well as the power of a modern and urban style.