To all of you who’ve always been searching for sporty garments, but with an extra touch, a whiff of personality that could catch the eye. Your dreams have come true: with his clothing line Kolor fashion brand, the Japanese designer Junichi Abe has created a comfortable style, but with audacious details. Here’s what you can expect.

The story and inspiration of the Kolor fahion brand clothing line
After 5 years at Comme des Garçons and some collaborations with other fashion houses, in 2004 Junichi Abe decided the time had come for him to launch his own brand: Kolor fashion brand. A unique style that didn’t remain long within the boundaries of Japan: Parisian catwalks soon fell in love with his creations, too. And what creations! From the very first collection, Kolor fashion brand’s proved that it can transform traditional coats, dresses, jackets, skirts and trousers simply by adding a distinctive detail.

Take a look at the spring/summer 2017 Kolor collection, and you’ll understand why: there were frills of different fabrics peeping out of the hems of skirts, shorts and shirts. Besides, they were slightly transparent, and therefore similar to underskirts. But you can find patchworks of different textiles and garments, as for example in this women’s coat, joining a lined coat, an embroidered cotton shirt and a tech-nylon jacket. Not to mention the eco-fur collar.

Other creations are not so showy – but rather only a little -, just like these cigarette wool trousers with gleaming gold inserts. Or the Kolor skirts, with a large fur-hemmed outside pocket. Abe’s aim is indeed giving an offbeat air to his garments. Despite that and thanks to their details, they remain smart: textiles and inserts are carefully picked and matched and meticulously crafted.
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The style of the Kolor fahion brand men’s and women’s collections
The uniqueness of Kolor fashion brand
’s clothing for men and women lies in the ability to show a new side of garments and details we’ve already seen. Junichi Abe manages to rediscover classical clothes and combine them with bold fabrics and details. Kolor fashion brand’s products don’t go overboard with colours, though, since they’re not too gaudy or garish: they’re unique and charming, but not eccentric. The Japanese designer mixes everything: styles, seasons, cultures and materials. But he keeps it all perfectly balanced. Let’s find out how he managed to do it with 2 of his most popular garments.
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Kolor bomber jacket
Would you like to add a contemporary touch to your fall-winter wardrobe? In this Kolor bomber jacket you’ll find as much as you want, as well as a slightly retro look. It has indeed the same cut as classical windcheaters, inspired by the jackets British pilots wore during the First World War. But that’s not all. The bright inserts, the zip on the arm and the patchwork of different fabrics provide this garment with a trace of character. Just match it with a pair of dark jeans and boots and you’ll get the perfect easy-going but chic effect. Otherwise, if you’re searching for a classy garment, maybe for work, we suggest you take a look at the trousers designed by Abe.
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Kolor trousers for men
Elegant, indeed, but in a relaxed way: these blue men’s trousers by Kolor fashion brand, at first sight, seem quite traditional, carefully crafted and with the typical tucks of men’s formal trousers. But if you focus on the pockets, you’ll notice they’re closed by zips and crossed by 2 strips of different colours, green and beige. Simple details, but unconventional and perfect for giving a trace of character to classical menswear.