From the Japanese capital of denim, Kojima, here comes Kapital clothing
. Its indigo shade is extraordinary, its jeans have a matchless design and everything is produced by following accurate craft techniques.
Kapital Japan Clothing | Kapital Clothing and Japanese Denim
Let’s find out more about this pillar of Japanese fashion, loved throughout the rest of the world, too.

Accurate craft and multifaceted design: the qualities of Kapital clothing
Founded in 1984 by Toshikiyo and Kazuhiro Hirata
, father and son, at first Kapital produced only jeans. But they didn’t want to merely copy American denim trousers and jackets: they aimed at making something better, at changing dyes, design and functionality. This is why they decided to merge traditional Japanese weaving and dyeing techniques with the design of American workwear.

And though the style is distressed, Kapital clothing production is extremely accurate as far as details and choice of materials are concerned. Creating items which are both functional and simple requires a high degree of perfectionism, which they applied first of all to denim, like in these Kapital jeans for men, then to all other garments, from sweaters to scarves and socks.
Kapital Indigo Denim | Kapital Clothing

About Kapital clothing: Kapital’s unpredictable style from jeans to socks
Each of Kapital’s collections is a surprising mixture of rebel and innovative spirits, as well as of workwear elements. It’s thus suitable for men and women who love casual looks. The colours are intense, most of all indigo, which is the feather in the brand’s cap, and the details are precise. You can see it in the buttons of this Kapital sweater for women, made of virgin and mohair wool and with leather inserts.
Kapital Sweater Jacket | Kapital Clothing
Accessories such as Kapital socks, on the other hand, show how the brand can reshape traditions: they have different patterns, joined together in an unexpected patchwork. So, what are you going to love about Kapital’s clothing? Its simple style, though with a modern and a bit wild spirit, and its unique way of handling Japanese and Western traditions. For a casual and unpredictable look, but with a faultless production.