For men who want to dress elegantly
, but without always resorting to a suit, there’s an alternative: Sage de Crêt menswear. Clothes for men with basic lines, but perfect down to the smallest detail, as the brand’s name itself reveals: sage dècret means “sensible order”, in French. Indeed, the company joins the classical refinement of French menswear to the expertise and carefulness of Japanese crafts.
Sage de Crêt Collections at Lazzari Store Treviso | Sage de Crêt Menswear

Precision and classical inspiration: the features of Sage de Crêt’s menswear and clothing
The brand’s creator is the Japanese designer Kimitoshi Chida, who inaugurated it in 2001 and crossed the boundaries of Japan in 2013. His aim was to provide sophisticated menswear, by carefully selecting materials and production techniques.

His jackets, shirts and trousers share an incredible precision: everything is planned attentively, from textiles – all of which are natural – to zips. For his shirts, for instance, he picks the thinnest threads, in order to get a brighter garment. And the same is true of finishing techniques: the rumpled surface of this Sage de Crêt grey jacket results from a special wash of the finished garment.
Sage de Crêt Grey Checkered Men's Jacket | Sage de Crêt Menswear
But it has other benefits, too:

  • it brings the fabric back to its original softness, otherwise lost after the ironing phase;
  • it ensures details such as buttons shine brighter;
  • the lining gets some natural folds, so you’ll feel comfortable even if you’re wearing it for the first time;
  • stitches adhere more tightly to the fabric.

Sage de Crêt menswear: a military style, but creative and relaxed
Sage de Crêt’s menswear
collections draw their inspiration from traditional and military clothing, but they show different cuts, fabrics and finishings which make them more comfortable: that’s why they’re sage, practical and sensible. Indeed, Kimitoshi Chida loves their shape and details, ideal for men who want to make a statement without being too formal. Menswear with soft colours, fitting every season, a meticulous cut and fine materials isn’t a dream anymore: it’s exactly what Sage de Crêt’s menswear can offer you. Perfect for men who want their own personal style, one they can customise according to the occasion.