Toni Benetton & Neonlauro at the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso

At the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso an exhibition and a catalog celebrate the master of iron fifteen years after “Dialogues with the city”, Friday 26 May at 6.00 pm. An exhibition and a volume to celebrate the master of iron Toni Benetton fifteen years after the retrospective “Dialogues with the city” of 2002.

Dialogues with the city (Dialoghi con la città)

In 2002 in Treviso 38 sculptures and 11 drawings by Toni Benetton (1910-1996), located in different points of the city, became the stages of a retrospective exhibition entitled “Dialogues with the city”. Among the works selected by the curator of the exhibition and the Benetton family, some were and still are permanent installations, others temporary. The objective of the artistic journey, however, was the same at every stage: to draw attention to the expressive and artistic research of one of the greatest Italian sculptors of the 20th century.


The master Benetton and the emerging artist Neonlauro

At the Spazio Lazzari, however, some of Benetton’s drawings and watercolors had found the ideal place to display them, drafts of ideas and projects useful for understanding his multifaceted talent. 15 years later, the exhibition “Toni Benetton + Neonlauro” was set up in the Spazio Lazzari location, a sort of artistic dialogue between the master Benetton and the emerging sculptor Alberto Feltrin. Inside the Spazio Lazzari gallery, the drawings “Townscapes, 1984-1989” by Toni Benetton are visible. On the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition, the catalog of works from the 2002 exhibition “Dialogues with the city” will also be presented.


Toni Benetton + Neonlauro
02 Dialogues with the city – 17 Forms of light Spazio Lazzari, via Paris Bordone 14-16 Treviso
Friday 26 May at 6.00 pm (Free entry)
Exhibition opening until 3 September 2017
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 11 am – 7.30pm
Saturday: 10am-7.30pm
Sunday: 3.30pm-7.30pm
Tuesday: closed