Essences which highlight every person’s uniqueness
, creating different effects according to the skin of who’s wearing them. That’s what characterises Simone Andreoli perfumes, whose bottles contain different memories and personalities, thanks to a careful research.

The Olfactory Diary of Simone Andreoli’s perfumes
Leaving traditional olfactory combinations
behind to discover far-away countries or your own self: that’s the journey the perfumes by Simone Andreoli invite you on. The young Italian perfumer created his first fragrance in 2011, and now the perfumes of his Olfactory Diary are seven, all entirely made in Italy. The common traits of these essences are the use of first-quality materials and a thorough research stage.

It’s only thanks to these studies that Simone Andreoli can create essences which express both his memories of a country and an emotion, but producing different effects according to the skin they come into contact with. Since Simone Andreoli perfumes for both men and women, this feature is extremely relevant because it highlights the most typical notes either for a woman or for a man. Each perfume is therefore unique and customised. Let’s see which are Andreoli’s top creations.

Simone Andreoli Silenzio: a delicate hymn to love
Simone Andreoli’s Olfactory Diary
– for now – consists of three chapters, or rather collections: “Synaesthesia of scents”, “Writings in the dark” and “Distant pages”. The most notable fragrance in the last group, dedicated to the deepest emotions of the human soul, is Silenzio, which his creator calls a “hymn to love”. Simone Andreoli Silenzio has a heart of vanilla, combined with the sweetness of honey and Bulgarian rose. Its male touch hides in the nutmeg and in the bitter tones of leather and guaiac wood. A perfume featuring all the warmth of love, perfect for those who like light and elegant fragrances and a romantic vein.
Simone Andreoli Silenzio | Simone Andreoli Perfumes

Simone Andreoli Camouflage: intensity and seduction
With Simone Andreoli Camouflage the atmosphere gets more passionate and seductive. This fragrance is indeed part of the “Writings in the dark” collection: its mere name inspires a wave of sensuality, secrets and rooms with intense perfumes. This time, the journey leads us to the palaces and desert of the Arab world, whose markets Simone Andreoli wandered through when he was a child.

These places are evoked by the woody notes of ebony, sandalwood and agarwood, mingling with incense and, most of all, rose. The fragrance is extremely strong: there’s no olfactory pyramid, all of its elements reach your nose at the same time, though with different effects on every type of skin. When applied to a woman, for example, rose prevails, whereas a man’s skin gives prominence to the various kinds of wood and to incense. You’ll just need a light spray of Camouflage to get a seductive and exotic aura.
Simone Andreoli Camouflage | Simone Andreoli Perfumes

Simone Andreoli perfumes are therefore the right fragrances for people who want to stand out by using a distinctive and matchless essence, because it follows the chemical features of one’s own skin. And for those for whom a perfume shouldn’t merely recall natural fragrances, but rather emotions and images of far-away countries.