An elegant outfit for men requires a proper pair of shoes. They must be refined, hard-wearing and, most of all, comfortable. On any formal occasion a man needs first and foremost to feel at ease. Just think about politicians, for instance. Or better still about the Presidents of the United States. Of whom 4 have worn a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes.
Allen Edmonds shoes | Allen Edmonds Shoes

Allen Edmonds: a history of quality
That’s right, no less than 4 Presidents of the USA chose the Park Avenue shoes with Cap-Toe Oxfords by Allen Edmonds on their inauguration day: Reagan, Bush Senior, Clinton and G.W. Bush.
Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoes | Allen Edmonds Shoes

But the history of Allen Edmonds began long before that, in 1922, thanks to the idea of Elbert W. Allen and Bill Edmonds: they invented the very same production process in 212 steps the company has been following through all of these years. The brand started soaring only after the Second World War: it had supplied shoes to the American army, and its members had remained loyal to the brand even after 1945. The success of Allen Edmonds shoes for men isn’t due only to this affection, but rather to the quality characterising them and deriving from:

  • excellent leathers: as well as calf leather, they use cordovan, a type of leather obtained from the muscle tissues of horses. More durable and resistant to scratches than any other leather. Tanning it takes a very long time, though, up to 6 months. Anyway, all the leathers used at Allen Edmonds are proofed against humidity and maintain their shape and aspect over time;
  • comfort: the selected hides are thin, so they offer high flexibility and breathability, and you can rapidly break in them. A layer of cork between the inner and outer sole adjusts to your feet thanks to your body’s warmth, so that wearing these shoes is extremely pleasant;
  • durability: with proper care, Allen Edmonds shoes can last for many years. They owe this property to the materials they’re made of, as well as to the perfect adherence between soles and uppers and also to the hand-finishing techniques. These make the leather shine and maintain this brightness over time, even after various walks in the rain.

The peculiarities of Allen Edmonds men’s shoes
Such features naturally lead to high-value shoes. That’s why Allen Edmonds shoes brand offers a special service: although their footwear is designed to last for a lifetime, soles will eventually wear out and leather will lose some of its shine. So they’ve invented a Recrafting service to completely revamp your shoes, at a low price.
But that’s just one of the elements that make these shoes peerless:

  • they’re hard-wearing, and you can feel it: they’re not heavy, but their uppers are tough and hand-sewn to the thick soles;
  • the design is classical but perfect down to the smallest detail: the decorations on the Allen Edmonds Cambridge shoes, for example, add a classy touch to it, though not over-elaborated. So they’ll never be out of fashion, thanks to the heel’s reasonable height and the moderate width of the toe box.
    Allen Edmonds Cambridge shoes | Allen Edmonds Shoes

Allen Edmonds shoes therefore produces classical men shoes for you to look at your best on every occasion, and that last for a lifetime. For men who want to have a sophisticated air, and an ageless style.