Allen Edmonds Derby Shoes: an history of fit, comfort, durability and service.

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Allen Edmonds began handcrafting Made in U.S.A. shoes in 1922 on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. Today we continue this manufacturing tradition and offer the finest men’s dress and casual shoes available featuring classic American styling and fine craftsmanship. Our product is complemented by our retail Master Fitters who have earned their title by fitting over 3,000 customers (and counting), making them experts when it comes to helping you find a pair of Allen Edmonds Derby shoes or others that will feel like they were tailored especially for your feet.

Allen Edmonds prides itself on using superior leathers such as calf skin and cordovan. These materials are combined with cork footbeds to create unmatched comfort. Our shoes remain in the last for at least 24 hours to ensure that they hold their shape for a lifetime. Allen Edmonds Derby shoes style is about more than just fashion and materials. It is about conveying a classic look while retaining versatility and durability.

You’ll be in good company with leaders all over the world who wear our shoes during the most important moments of their esteemed careers.

At Lazzari Store shop online you can find Allen Edmons Leeds shoes, Allen Edmonds Cambridge shoes, Allen Edmonds Strand Oxford shoes Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoes, Allen Edmonds Mcallister shoes, Allen Edmonds Macneil shoes and so on. Allen Edmonds use only high quality leathers and every pair of shoes is handcrafted via a 212-step process. Allen Edmonds brand offers a recrafting service too. This is a special service to repair and to restore any Allen Edmonds pair of shoes. Recrafting need a 38-step process to rebuild the shoe including a new welt, cork, sole, to strip and to refinish the leather uppers and to add new laces.

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Our Allen Edmonds selection is available in store and online at Lazzari Store.