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The first sunglasses of Paul Easterlin, creative designer.
New brand, exclusive Eyewear, handcrafted in Italy.

Paul Easterlin Die Ersten Brillen Made in Italy

Our Paul Easterlin selection is available in store and online at Lazzari Store.

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Paul Easterlin glasses have a thick frame, squared and geometric, full of personality. Paul Easterlin’s range of sunglasses is very wide and many models have colored lenses and frames with comic prints, with a faux wood effect or with silver-colored pattern. Every eyewear is handcrafted in Italy and the result is of the highest quality. Paul Easterlin sunglasses are already beloved by celebrities and characters like Christiano Ronaldo and international DJs.

“I travel a lot and in traveling I see many things. It was an intuition, a bet, to create my own line of glasses with a strong character, convinced that at this moment there was space for a product so strongly connoted. The choice of materials, the voluminous and particular forms such as the eyebrow that gives an almost diabolical look, of great impact, the craftsmanship strictly Made in Italy, everything is designed to give back a product with a strong identity.”

“I really like mixing materials, for example, now I’m working with acetate that I particularly love because unlike plastic, it’s malleable. The union of wood and acetate or the anomalous use of the Venetian briccole characteristics that are treated with resin can easily become small works of art or materials for glasses and shoes.”