Accessories related to an ancient tradition, but with a style that leaves all the rules of leather industry behind: with Il Bisonte handbags you can count on the quality of craftsmanship and a design that never goes out of fashion.
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Il Bisonte handbags: the secrets of cowhide leather
The mind behind Il Bisonte is Wanny Di Filippo, who founded his brand in 1970 in Florence. Together with his wife, he began designing leather objects to pick up again one of the oldest traditions of their city: tannery. The leather they chose is cowhide, which has a distinctive feature: it improves over time. Indeed, every exposure to sunlight makes its surface more beautiful.

In order to get these characteristics, though, Il Bisonte couldn’t content themselves with just any cowhide, for their products: they needed a first-quality material. That’s why they chose to look to Made in Tuscany leather products: the hides come from the tannery district of Santa Croce. Here they undergo some vegetable tanning treatments which make them soft and hard-wearing, and which ensures that Il Bisonte handbags last for a long time.
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After choosing the leather, it’s time to start creating bags. And the ones Wanny Di Filippo makes don’t follow the rules of leather industry: his first creations didn’t even have a lining and were simply tied by hand. That is, the free spirit of hippies was having a slight influence on him.

Leather bags with a simple timeless design
Over the years, this unpretentiousness remained a key element of his designs, while Il Bisonte leather briefcases and leather handbags became more and more durable and refined their details. But they maintained the quality of their hides and production techniques.

From the colours – classical rather than garish – to their shapes – most of them complement both women and men -, everything about these products speaks of simplicity. A reflex of the old tradition Wanny Di Filippo draws his inspiration from, both for the craft production techniques and for the style of these accessories.
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If you love modesty, but don’t want to abandon quality, then Il Bisonte handbags have just what you need: a basic and timeless design and the uniqueness of a handmade product. Perfect for people who want to stand out naturally.