Summer Exhibition 2020 in Treviso
At the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso, the dual artistic exhibition is underway until the end of August, featuring the painter Gianni Panciroli with “Brand Gianni P .: a life in-tint” and two young sculptors, Francesco Ciabatti and Takeshi Tamashiro with “Fasi d’aria” (“Air phases”).

Gianni Panciroli

Gianni Panciroli is a painter of Emilian origin who moved to Tuscany in the 1960s. His innate curiosity and an uncontainable love for color have always pushed him to experiment with the most diverse possibilities of art: from comics to figurative painting, from landscape painting to portraits to abstractionism. The exhibition set up at the Atelier Lazzari space collects abstract and figurative works in which moments of Panciroli’s personal and artistic life materialize in canvases with vivid and full-bodied colors. The gesture of painting is part of Panciroli’s art itself, which almost creates meta-works in which he reflects himself, his being an artist in a given instant, his moods but also his existence vision. Life and art mix and merge in paintings that sometimes transcend abstractionism and realism, in search of the most sincere truth of one’s own feeling.


Gianni Panciroli - Self Portrait - 1988

Francesco Ciabatti and Takeshi Tamashiro

Instead in the internal courtyard of the Lazzari Space, you can immerse yourself in another summer exhibition 2020 in Treviso: the artistic installation by Francesco Ciabatti and Takeshi Tamashiro, “Fasi d’aria” – “Phases of Air”. The theme is that of flight, of the suspension between heaven and earth, of the upward tension in search of new elsewhere. Detaching from the ground, flying like a seagull, hanging between two dimensions, the wood and iron sculptures realized by Ciabatti and Tamashiro express one of our deepest, most ancestral desires: to free ourselves from the (force of) gravity of the soil (and of life) to finally fly, in a literal but, above all, metaphorical sense. The art of Panciroli and that of Ciabatti and Tamashiro have exactly this in common: an insatiable need/dream to seek, discover and experiment because we are in constant transformation, because we want to change and because it is life that changes us. We are, until the end, “air phases” in continuous movement.
















Summer exhibition 2020: The duble exhibition “Brand Gianni P .: a life in-tint” and “Phases of air” are open in the gallery and in the courtyard of the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso until 31.08.2020. Free entry.