ORLI – Enrico Antonello + Elena Molena

Enrico Antonello combines electronics with metal carpentry in the works exhibited at the “Orli” exhibition at the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso. In this case the concept of “edge” embraces that of time, movement, light and essentiality.

Enrico Antonello Decomposizione 2

Born in 1995 at Castelfranco Veneto, he attended Treviso ‘Liceo Artistico’ and in 2019 graduated ‘summa cumlaude’ in Painting from Venice Academy of Fine Arts. In 2017 he was among the founders of the collective Default whose artists were committed to exhibiting their works at unconventional venues (San Servolo, Monfumo, Venezia, Trento, Novara). While engaged in suchlike projects, he started to focus his research on the correlated elements of sound, light and motion. In 2019 he took part in the Artstays international festival, Slovenia. In the same year he was selected as finalist at the XIV edition of Italian Academies’ ‘Premio Nazionale delle Arti’, and at the Salvi Prize, Sassoferrato (Ancona).

Elena Molena has always worked on urban marginalities. He mixes chalcographic technique with digital images. His “Urban Carpets” show in an artistic way how landscapes change over time. To make them, he mixes different artistic techniques: etching, aquatint, soft wax, drypoint, stitching,…

Tappeto Urbano_4_Elena Molena

Born at Padova in 1974, she attended Venice Academy of Fine Arts from which she got her degree in painting in 1998 after following the engraving classes by Mario Guadagnino and Giuseppe Fantinato. In 2008 she specialized in graphics under the guidance of Diana Ferrara. A former member of Associazione Incisori Veneti (Veneto Engravers Association), she has since 2009 been teaching ‘Tecniche dell’incisione grafica-Grafica d’Arte’ (Graphic engraving techniques-Art Graphics) at Venice Academy of Fine Arts. Among the various awards she was given for her engravings: the ex aequo prize in 2010 at the Biennial of Works on Paper-Novi Pazar University; the 2007 recommendation at the International Biennial – Acqui Terme, and the 2006 first prize at the XX Edition of Carnello cArte ad Arte – Sora. In 2012 some of her works enriched the collection of Istituto Nazionale della Grafica – Rome.

ORLI – Enrico Antonello + Elena Molena