Nagare Dual-Ism project Descente + Yono

The project was born from the meeting between Descente, a leading company in technical and urban clothing, and the Japanese designer Yono. Together they created outdoor garments with an innovative and fascinating urban style. “Nagare” means “time that passes” in Japanese: the passage of time corresponds to a technical and stylistic development of clothing, increasingly connected with the external environment.

The creative concept behind Yono’s work is: “from street to extreme”. It mixes vintage with innovation, employing high technology with traditional Japanese methods and products. The result is clothes with a traditional soul but made in a modern way.

Nagare Dual-ism Project Descente + Yono

The technical sports/urban clothing brand Descente was founded in 1935. The technological, functional, material and design characteristics of Descente production have always been of the highest level. The heart of the company is its research and development department. Cutting-edge forms and structures were created here, capable of satisfying the needs of professional athletes of numerous disciplines. Descente garments are in fact extremely functional and stylish, impeccable in the quality of the materials and in their high tech construction.

Nagare – Dual-Ism project Descente + Yono – opening: September 18th 2013, 6 P.M.

Curated by: Descente ‘Dual-ism Project’, Massimiliano Tosi

Artwork and Photography: Marko Tardito

Nagare – Dual-Ism project – apertura: Mercoled’ 18 settembre, ore 18

A cura di: Descente ‘Dual-ism Project’, Massimiliano Tosi

Creatività e Fotografia: Marko Tardito