Il segno del sogno – Lucio Afeltra + Silvio Vigliaturo

Sign and Dream are the two terms that the artists Lucio Afeltra and Silvio Vigliaturo have in common, despite their obvious and obvious differences.
The concepts of sign and dream find expression, albeit in different ways, in the works of artists Lucio Afeltra and Silvio Vigliaturo.
In Afeltra the sign is matter, color but also a reflection of his archaeological interests and for the art of Stuart Davis.

Silvio Vigliaturo is a lover of Etruscan culture, of the cultural heritage of Magna Graecia, of Byzantine art, of Rubliov’s Russian icons.
The passions of these two artists flow into dreamlike pictorial manifestations, reworked by a shared collective imagination. In Afeltra’s work, matter and gesture interact between paper and photographic elements. In Vigliaturo, master of glass and painter, signs, lights and colors take on multiform contours, like the essence of their spirit.


Il segno del sogno - Lucio Afeltra + Silvio Vigliaturo - Spazio Lazzari

Il segno del sogno – opening: December20th 2013, 5:30 P.M.

Curated by: Boris Brollo & Francesco Stefanini

Paintings: Lucio Afeltra

Sculptures: Silvio Vigliaturo

Il segno del sogno – inaugurazione: Venerdì 20 Dicembre, ore 17:30

A cura di: Brois Brollo & Francesco Stefanini

Dipinti: Lucio Afeltra

Scultures: Silvio Vigliaturo

Mostra d’arte a Treviso Presso Spazio Lazzari – via Paris Bordone 14/16 libero accesso