A bag made of alligator leather needs quite a good amount of style, to be used in everyday life. And Tardini alligator leather bags surely have plenty of it, since they’ve been specifically designed to join the quality of alligator and caiman leather to a modern and urban style. And to the distinction of a luxury accessory.
Tardini alligator leather bags

Tardini accessories: expert craftsmanship and distinctive materials
Tardini is one of the few Italian companies which import alligator and caiman leather directly from the United States and South America, and it’s specialised in producing tardini alligator leather bags, belts and other accessories with these kinds of leather. The company doesn’t use rare species, but rather only those coming from certified farms, which protect animals and their habitats.

Since 1958 its craftspeople in Modena have been treating these leathers by hand, but always keeping an eye on contemporary trends. That’s why, for example, Tardini briefcases, Tardini alligator leather bags in general, feature a space meant for laptops.
Tardini briefcase
These features turn the alligator bags and the other alligator leather accessories by Tardini into objects you can use every day. But how can their creators make sure that wear and tear don’t spoil such beauty and elegance? Thanks to proper manufacturing techniques, which make each item resistant to all the damaging forces it may encounter throughout the day.

The reasons why Tardini bags are unique
Alligator leather handbags
are a dream, because they’re made with a soft, flexible and bright material, whose quality is crystal clear. But the animals it’s obtained from – especially Nile crocodiles – are far from being friendly, even when reared.
Besides, the leatheravailable for use is just a small part of what covers an animal: farmers can get it only from its belly and flanks. In addition to this, the process which softens and colours it is long and difficult. Finally, the craftspeople at Tardini’s further embellish the material with exclusive finishings, like the one called “waxed alligator”.
Tardini luxury bags in alligator

Thanks to this final touch, Tardini bags get a distressed look, with two shades of colour, created by appropriate natural dyes. Such finishings ensure that these bags aren’t works of art to handle with extreme care, and only on specific occasions, but rather functional and informal accessories. Created with a dream material.