Allterrain New Collection FW 15-16 + new special furniture at Spazio Lazzari, Treviso.

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Allterrain is synonymous with functionality. The design and design of each piece of clothing is based on the needs that that dress will satisfy. The design, shape and details of an alterrain jacket must serve something. Nothing in the collections alterrain is random or just decorative. The design of each new collection in the land is similar to an architectural project, just as a single piece of clothing in the land has much in common with architecture. It is no coincidence that Allterrain garments are designed in 3D. The garments are designed for trial and error until every function of the garment is not fully satisfactory. Every Allterrain new collection is, yes, a collection of sportswear but well above average quality standards. Allterrain is technical sportswear but at the same time urban and contemporary. Allterrain by Descente suits are technologic technicians thanks to special closing devices, garment ventilation, comfort, water repellency system, etc.

Our All Terrain selection is available in store and online at Lazzari Store.


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