Puma Swash… what is that? SWASH is the combined skills of print specialist duo, Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka. Celebrated for the realisation of their signature hand-drawn and painted artworks, SWASH uniquely instill their digital prints with the charm of human touch. Since winning the Hyeres prize in 2004 the brand emerged at the forefront of print design, filling their creations with the odd and the fanciful, creating new worlds where colours and characters meet. Swash collections of women’s clothing are highly appreciated and sold in major international deparment stores such as Barneys in New York, Le Bon Marché in Paris and Liberty in London. Recognized for the eccentric and colorful patterns, printed digitally as if they had been hand painted, SWASH was chosen by PUMA to create an unpublished collection, mainly dedicated to a female audience, and thanks to the unique ability of the English duo to use the graphic art. The result is a triumph of drawings on fabrics and uppers, used in an almost obsessive way, which completely cover the most representative items and sneakers of SportsBrand.

Puma Swash - Puma X Swash collection


Puma Swash - Puma X Swash Collection FW 2015

Our Puma x Swash selection is available in store and online at Lazzari Store.