Inaugurated last November 17 at the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso, the exhibition “From the Earth to the Moon” (“Dalla Terra alla Luna” in Italian) displays the works of the French painter Arnaud Franc and the Paduan sculptor Francesco Rampin. The title of the event is a declared homage to the famous novel by Jules Verne, where the exhibition itinerary winds between works inspired by the Earth, those of Arnaud Franc in the internal gallery of the Spazio Lazzari, and works dedicated to the Moon, or the sculptures of Francesco Rampin installed in the external courtyard.

The conquest of space has aroused enormous fascination on man since ancient times (just think of the mythological subdivision of the world between an earthly dimension (including the underworld) and a celestial and distant one). In the second half of the nineteenth century, Jules Verne’s science fiction novels nourish dreams and desires that will be fulfilled, so to speak, with the first moon landing in history, which took place 104 years after the novel’s publication, on 20 July 1969.

Arnaud Franc’s works represent, through human figures, the terrestrial sphere. In the artist’s features one can even perceive the force of gravity that draws the bodies to itself, with their solid physicality, their imposing extremities, the limbs stretched in plastic but dynamic movements. The indefinite outlines of these figures, in solid colors or simply outlined in pencil with some hints of color, recall the idea of ​​man’s openness to what is other than himself. A sort of dialogue between earthly man and everything that is not and that pushes him to overcome his own limits / borders, both human and environmental.

Arnaud Franc's art works

Arnaud Franc’s art works

The sculptures by Francesco Rampin, exhibited in the courtyard of the Spazio Lazzari, are instead dedicated to the spatial dimension, in particular to the Moon.
Made specifically for this exhibition, the works on display share a constant motif: the shape of the circle, set in metal structures fixed to the ground that allow it to rotate.
Eclipse, full moon, waning moon… Rampin’s stylized creations are made of iron, porphyry and acrylic colors.
Motionless and tilting at the same time, they evoke that sense of poetic mystery that has fascinated storytellers, artists and scientists for centuries.

Francesco Rampin's moon sculptures.

Francesco Rampin’s sculptures.

The exhibition “From the Earth to the Moon” (“Dalla Terra alla Luna”) will remain open to the public until November 30, 2022. Free admission.