“Tutto ciò che chiamiamo arte” (All that we call art) – Dino Formaggio + Pierantonio Tanzola

Exhibition with free admission set up at the Spazio Lazzari from 1 March 2022 to 31 May 2022

Dino Formaggio
Born in 1914 in Milan, he has worked in a factory since he was a child. The years of study saw him first graduated as an elementary teacher then at the university, from which he will come out with a degree thesis in artistic technique. He becomes a professor of Aesthetics in Pavia and then in Padua. Philosopher and art critic, he is himself an artist: he creates sculptural and pictorial works because he doesn’t just love art but wants to do it. At the exhibition “Tutto ciò che chiamiamo arte” (All that we call art), some of his sculptures made of metal, gears, springs, pieces of chandeliers, scraps of wrought iron are exhibited… The characters he sculpts are often taken from myth and literature, such as the figure of Don Quixote by Cervantes, represented several times by the artist-philosopher. The knight who fights against all forms of injustice materializes one of the times that are dearest to Formaggio.

Dino Formaggio Scultura in Ferro - Spazio Lazzari Treviso

Pierantonio Tanzola
Pierantonio Tanzola, painter philosopher director, has created a cycle of works in charcoal on paper entitled “The prison of the sign”. These are dashed, complex landscapes, made of intertwined, crossed lines that rise and fall. With his works he participates in national and international collective exhibitions. He contributes to cultural magazines and writes books. Although he is best known as a painter, his points of reference are philosophy, cinema and poetry. For Tanzola, content has priority over form. Creating a work of art takes place after a long intellectual process. But nevertheless, with “The prison of the sign”, Tanzola wanted to represent the failure of a utopia, that of making a work of art create something alive, that of expecting a work of art to give life to something.

Pierantonio Tanzola - Opere esposte allo Spazio Lazzari di Treviso - Marzo 2022

Dino Formaggio + Pierantonio Tanzola
“Tutto ciò che chiamiamo arte” (All that we call art)
Spazio Lazzari, Treviso (Italy)