FISIOGNOMICA – Rossella Pavan / Paolo Pasetto

The representation of bodies in the history of art has very ancient origins. Already 15,000 years ago our ancestors painted animals (cattle, bison, horses, deer,…) on the walls of the French caves of Lascaux. Even today the body is a vehicle of artistic expression, especially in installations, performances and happenings.

Rossella Pavan is inspired by the projection of her shadow on water to obtain the embryo of an animal organism. He reproduces it several times but with different techniques (painting, mixed, digital…). Similar replicas of the same subject bring to mind the famous color spots of the Rorschach Tests, a Swiss psychiatrist of the last century who became famous thanks to the invention of this original method of psychodiagnostic investigation.

Stabat Mater 2012 Rossella Pavan

Instead, Paolo Pasetto creates huge sculptures that are nothing more than fragments of body parts (an ear, an eye…), anchored to the ground by colored slings as if to prevent a probable escape. The sculptor was inspired by the Galata Prigioniero, a huge sculptural group created in the 3rd century BC. on the Pergamon Archipelago and now lost. A staging with theatrical tones, that of Pasetto, however immersed in reality.

Galata Prigioniero - Paolo Pasetto - 2021

Born in Vicenza in 1963, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Lives and works in Vicenza. Recent exhibitions include those at the PArCo foundation in Casier (2014), at the Caos Art Gallery Venice (2016), at the Walther Galerie in Bolzano and at the Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Installation in Montorso Vicentino (2017); at the Arte Spazio Tempo gallery in Venice (2018). He also exhibited eriodically at the Françoise Calcagno Art Studio in Venice from 2015 to 2018.

Born in Venice in 1960, he attended the IUAV university for two years before graduating in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He has been exhibiting for thirty years in solo and group exhibitions, mostly in Italy. For twenty-five years he has been working as a graphic designer. He has carried out three slate sculpture internships in Triora (Liguria), obtained a scholarship from the Tyroler Kunstlershaft of Innsbruck (Austria) and participated in two Symposium Arlberger Kulturtage in St. Anton (Austria).


FISIOGNOMICA – Rossella Pavan/Paolo Pasetto
01.06.2021 – 31.08.2021