Fluid perceptions are the pictorial works of the artist Edda Barbon but also, in parallel, the iron sculptures of Niccolò Argenti, inserted in a realistic but impressive way at the Spazio Lazzari in Treviso.

EDDA BARBON – ART WORKS at Fluid Perceptions Exhibition

Edda Barbon’s works refer to abstract art. Lines, shapes, colors override the rules of perspective, figurative references and freely compose the canvas. Through spots of color, pictorial improvisation and the randomness of his visual contents, Barbon expresses his emotions, his inner world, the places of his soul.

Macchia 07 by Edda Barbon (2018)

Edda Barbon was born and lives in Spresiano (Treviso, Italy). She embarked on an artistic career at a mature age, resurfacing a dream she had cultivated since adolescence. Barbon trained by attending various associations and teachers from Treviso. She participates in various competitions including the Cordignano National Painting Competition. Barbon exhibits in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in the provincial context.

NICCOLÒ ARGENTI – ART WORKS “Solstice” at Spazio Lazzari Exhibition

Argenti’s iron animal installations seem to invade the spaces that surround them, conquering and taking them over. An apparently peaceful and immobile invasion, which is wonderful. But, precisely for this reason, it arouses a certain sense of uneasiness underneath the skin. Perhaps because it has been almost exclusively human beings who have conquered spaces and places for thousands of years. The possibility that other living forms do so destabilizes us, perhaps even just an artistic representation of this eventuality.

Lost Family (iron cat sculptures) by Niccolò Argenti

Niccolò Argenti was born in Padua on 4 November 1990. He enrolled in 2005 at the Pietro Selvatico institute in Padua in the sculpture section. Having achieved his high school diploma in 2009, in 2010 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with a focus on sculpture. This will lead to a progression at a technical level in the treatment of iron. In many of his works Argenti will cite the “philosophy of iron”. Achieved the 3-year degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice in Visual Arts Sculpture in 2013, Argenti will be able to manage and interpret that taste for naturalism and for an archaic vision of the world.

Opere di Edda Barbon (Edda Barbon’s art works)

Opere di Niccolò Argenti (Niccolò Argenti’s art works)

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