Raphia Rattan, the glocal chair


Raphia Rattan is the chair in rattan, a natural fiber derived from a species of palm, and metals created by Studio Lucidi Pevere for Casamania. It is the result of a research project aimed at combining different materials, mixing tradition with modernity. The eye-catching design expresses the perfect harmony between craftsmanship in rattan processing and technology in metal processing.

Raphia Rattan was born from a research project on the use of materials and how they can be exploited as furnishing elements. It is the perfect convergence between modernity and tradition, between technology and craftsmanship. An oxymoron that unites two of the souls of Italian production: the metal industry and the small historic companies producing rattan and wicker products. Today there are very few companies that retain the know-how of rattan, where manual skill and craftsmanship come together to ensure that each creation is unique. Raphia embodies this history and tradition in a contemporary context.
Raphia Chair by Casamania - LucidiPevere Studio
Casamania was founded in 1984 as a corporate division of Frezza with the aim of creating an innovative brand within the Doimo Group. The company avails itself of the collaboration of some of the most important designers on the international scene and young talents. Casamania’s production focuses on home and contract furnishings, an expression of style, personality and philosophy. Casamia’s vision is appreciated by both professionals and end customers, as demonstrated by the numerous awards won internationally.

A selection of Casamia products is part of the permanent collection of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, the National Museum of Modern Art Center Pompidou in Paris, the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, in the permanent exhibition Museu d’Arts Decorative in Barcelona, ​​at the Philadelphia Museum of Contemporary Art.

Since 2007 Casamania has been the official sponsor of the International Art Exhibition and the International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale





Raphia, the glocal chair – opening: March 21st 2013, 6 P.M.

Curated by: Associazione Culturale Lazzari + Casamania

Raphia, the glocal chair – inaugurazione: Giovedì 21 Marzo, ore 18

A cura di: Associazione Culturale Lazzari + Casamania