(excerpt from unity.paris)

U-NI-TY vintage was introduced towards the end of 2004 by a franco-italian designer Mr. JP Gassa. In an attempt to remain timeless, U-NI-TY vintage is getting close to a civilian uniform, and with the new figure it creates a modern tailoring that has become its trademark. The inspiration behind the lifestyle collection is a mixture of European culture, modern classics, vintage clothes & military outfits picked up at flea markets in Paris, New York, Tokyo & Amsterdam. It is influenced by photography, architecture… & with all generation of charismatic and elegant icons of style from the music & the cinema. The collection has been inspired by the Savil Row unique know-how & by the Napolitan tailormade master from where the designer took details, particularity & essence.


The aim is to play with codes between seriousness and stylish humour, almost arrogant even provocative, to juxtapose influences to create eclectic figures, to reject conformism. It is a classic revisited nonetheless.



Available in store and online at Lazzari Store.