Transgression by Deepti Barth

Deepti Barth Transgression is an art Exhibition organized at Spazio Lazzari in Treviso (Italy). Free admission.

What about Deepti Barth Transgression? Take a look at the poster below:

deepti barth transgression exhibition

Deepti Barth Transgression (more info soon: click here)

Opening: Tuesday September 1st 2015

Curated by: Deepti Barth & Associzione Culturale Lazzari

Artworks: Deepti Barth

Apertura: Martedì 1 settembre 2015

A cura di: Deepti Barth & Associzione Culturale Lazzari

Opere: Deepti Barth

Deepti Barth Trasgression - WP_20150904_09_57_29_Pro

Deepti Barth Transgression in Treviso WP_20150904_09_57_53_Pro


Deepti Barth is an artist and a fashion designer. She has made exhibitions in Europe and now also in Italy. Her fashion style is very artistic and she mix art and fashion very naturally.


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