Ematyte shoes: handmade leather shoes Made in Italy

ematyte shoes handmade in italy avantgarde footwear

A label for handmade shoes of Italian (Florentine) design and manufacture that fuses a time-honored shoe craft tradition with a pure aesthetic that reveals the anima of the product.

While Ematyte shoes brand is dedicated to experimentation, it remains faithful to tradition, to ensure a unique feel, comfort and balance, and a stylistic harmony, making every single piece a work of art. The brand encapsulates the timeless with contemporary spirit, bridging old and new.

Totally handmade with traditional techniques but with an experimental aesthetic, each pair of these Italian shoes tell the union of these two worlds through unique details, natural treatments and high quality horse leather.

Ematyte shoes brand helps keep you grounded.

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Our Ematyte selection is available in store and online!