Spring Summer 2015 – Paper Collection


Working with various clients and encountering numerous one-of-a-kind hand woven fabrics-like those intricately made in machines only available in Aichi, Ichinomiya, mastered by the skills of the workers there-iaponia staff felt the need to share this beauty with the world. Many fabrics are introduced to clients, but few are chosen. To shed light on these treasures, Network Japan created a brand of its own. Designer Misao Amano works mainly with these gems and creates a line of unique, delicate, knitwear products. As a knitwear brand, iaponia uses the intricately made fabric of Japan, exploring various combinations. Whether it be a non-knit material, iaponia maintains a flexible mindset and fresh approach. They also choose fabrics with a gentle touch, demonstrating a consideration of textures that’s emphasized particularly strongly in Japan. With variety and creativity, iaponia is genuinely unique. (copyright Jetro)




Available in store and online at Lazzari Store.