Alessia Xoccato fashion means clothes for everyday life, essential but at the same time artistic clothes, clothing that blend gracefully with practicality. The fabrics used are dense but light and there is no lack of alternations and mixtures between full-bodied fabrics and transparent fabrics. Alessia Xoccato fashion dresses models are graphic and linear. Alessia Xoccato is considered one of the leading names of the Italian new generation of fashion designers.

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Forms, colors, and materials are the elements that belong to the creative world of Alessia Xoccato, which she shapes, combines or decomposes to define outlines and volumes. The stylist’s lively imagination and dreams now become concrete projects enhanced by various influences and by the creative milieu she lives in. Her inventiveness is triggered by tactile, visual sensations and by her rich emotional nature, then, through analysis and expression, they are transformed into collections characterized by apparent contrasts that merge concepts, emotions and images. Alessia’s world.
Alessia Xoccato Italy avantgarde buy online Lazzari TrevisoAlessia Xoccato Italy avantgarde buy online Lazzari Treviso

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