“The poetic pyramid, followed by the olfactory one. This is my belief, smell before perfume, poetry before molecules. For me creating is an art, is a way to revive the emotions and sensations experienced, so do not create merely perfumes to wear, but they have to be a means to identify an artistic expression” – Meo Fusciuni Parfum

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Meo Fusciuni parfum is an Italian independent brand, born from the olfactory vision of a modern and nomad artist of the same name. The Sicilian fragrances’s master mixes aromas that recall moments of his life spent across the world. Every scent and trace is a remembrance of far areas as Morocco, Turkey and his beloved Sicily. Absolutely made by natural essential oils and high quality selected materials, the fragrances of Meo Fusciuni parfum are part of a fine culture of perfumes tradition, outperformed from the mass products.

meo fusciuni giuseppe imprezzabile profumi
Its fragrances could be defined by three cycles:
Trilogy of Journey (frangrances: Rites de passage; Shukran…; Ciavuru d’amuri): The first olfactory project was born along a odorous trajectory linking Instanbul to Marrakech, passing thorugh a mnemonic journey in his childhood spent in Sicily.
Cycle of Poetry (fragrances: Notturno, Luce): Born from a deep soul research, Notturno and Luce represent the completion of a cycle of composition of two years, the one lived in the hardness of the dark, the other in the balance of light.
Mystic Cycle (fragrances: Narcotico, Odor93): A physical and mental journey in holy places and transfigured by the human soul’s smell.

For Meo Fusciuni a perfume is olfactory memory, a mixture of elements that recall his own autobiography and where art, music, poetry and changes intertwine. Accordinf to Meo Fusciuni a perfume is a way to recreate emotions.

meo fusciuni Luce Notturno Narcotico Rites de Passages Odeur 93
All Meo Fusciuni parfum fragrances are available in our store and online, at Lazzari Store Treviso.