Camper Together is a model of collaboration between Camper and leading designers to create exclusive products and outstanding stores. Together responds to a new international reality that requires the capacity to integrate through design, different cultures and creative know-how into a single project together with and organization capable of communicating and distributing unique initiatives to a select global marketplace.

Camper’s affair with Bernhard Willhelm is a thrilling, enduring passion that never fails to produce designs which are out of the ordinary. Using anything from surfboards to an 80s look as inspiration, the designer comes up with ideas for groundbreaking footwear, and Camper eagerly rises to the challenge of materialising his concepts. Unbridled creativity and feats of technical prowess. Bernhard Willhelm says that he sees Camper “as an orange grove”. For Camper, the artist is an evocative acid trip.



Available online at Lazzari Store.