New Spring Summer 2015 collection | tech-shaping

Communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds,
gestures, or written symbols.


Throughout the years, Luca Laurini has been devising his own language for knitwear, a system built through the conception of ground breaking procedures. Such language expresses itself in signs and marks that emerge on garments to define their structure. It is subtle. It is silent. It tells us, however, about pushing boundaries, taking it to the next level. The revolution initiated with tech-shaping now undergoes a dramatic shift. The desire of finding a personal and innovative approach is the driving force that progressively turns upside down the industry’s conventions. Luca Laurini’s change of direction becomes a road of discovery and development. Its final destination slowly reaches the opposite of the beginning. His logical and rational language is then reversed, offering a perfect inversion of what we would expect. Luca Laurini’s work can be then interpreted as an invitation to go for our specific and revolutionary way of looking at things in order to experience an unconsidered side of our life.


90° & 180° sweaters makò egyptian cotton | article built in a completely opposite direction respect to the traditional knitting as is machined starting from the neck rather from the bottom.
A reversal of the machining procedures: where in general we find the increases we will see the decreases and vice versa.

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Label Under Construction collection is available in store and online at Lazzari Store.