The Dafna Industries was founded in 1964 and is the first company in Israel for the export of footwear. ‘Dafna’ is a kibbutz in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel, 7 km East of Kiryat Shmona.
It was founded on 3 May 1939, after the tower and stockade principle, it was the first tower and stockade settlement in the northern Hula Valley. Dan and Dafna are known as “the Ussishkin Fortresses”. Three streams of the Dan river surround the evergreen landscape. The company is headquartered in Dafna Kibbutz and produces a wide range of footwear, primarily PVC winter fashion boots and riding boots. The PVC boots are produced using the ‘Slush’ and ‘Injection Molding’ methods. In the Injection process TPR is also used. For over thirty years the company has been a licensee of the major brands of boots for children for the Scandinavian market; footwear thanks to an attractive look and their adaptability to dierent climatic conditions have much success. Dafna’s products are present on the international market through an extensive network of distributors.


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